Dandora Art Camp

25 Aug

This year a group of artists from Dandora agreed to host the Diaspora of Hope Art Camp for the children in that area.  So in August, once the children were out of school for a few weeks break, Dandora held the first ever art camp to hit Dandora!

We held a Buildabridge camp training for a day where we covered lesson planning, creating a safe and supportive space, using the tools of the theme, motto, and rules so that while the children are taught art they are challenged in deep ways that speak into spiritual, emotional, and social areas of life. On the part of the artists, they identified a local church space to hold the  camp for 4 days, targeting 60-80 children and identifying resources and supplies in the community. The artists received a small donation of money to work with from the Center for Transforming Missions so this was used for a few art supplies in addition to lunch and porridge each day for the children in order to hold them into the afternoon. The classes offered were based on the art forms that these artists were most skilled in…including drawing, dance, and card making. In the future they would like to teach glass painting but this is more costly so hopefully next year, in anticipation of the camp, the artists will be able to find these resources before camp.

The children came in larger numbers than expected yet each day went smoothly and there were supplies and food enough for everyone. This event brought another arts group together for the single honorable purpose of instructing children in the arts so that they can come away a better person.


Dandora Diaspora of Hope Art Camp THIS WEEK!

2 Aug

On Monday artists from Dandora gathered at PEFA Church to prepare for camp, which will officially start on Wednesday, August 3rd. During the training we covered topics including how the camp will run, schedule, how to teach based on the 4 goals of education, spiritual, social, and artistic, how to write a lesson plan, ect. We also discussed this year’s theme for camp, which is unity, and then the artists composed a song to teach the children the 3 concepts of unity which we will be teaching them: We Belong (day 1), Help one another (day 2), and We commit to stay (day 3). On the fourth day we will invite the community to join in and see presentations by each arts class!


4 Day Filming Workshop

2 Aug

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Starting last Wednesday, July 27th, 17 artists attended a 4 day workshop about the One Minute Africa Awards. The main meeting hall of CTM was transformed into an energetically-charged space of sound, dance, and drama as the artists were taught by Jimmy Ogonga and Patrick Mukabi and each filmed their own one minute film! Artists who attended (from Kawangware, Dandora, Mathare, and Kibera) will be receiving certificates and dvds of their finished films once all is complete. Then we will sit back and wait for the judging results.


One Minute Africa Awards 2011… coming to CTM!

11 Jul

This year the GoDown Art Center is looking for artists around the Nairobi area to participate in the One Minute Africa Awards Competition!

One Minutes are videos of exactly 60 seconds and entries must be under one of six categories, including:

  1. Spoken word and sound: The art of language and sound ranging from oral history to the sound of the street.
  2. In my backyard: What is it like where you live? What happens there? Give us a sense of the place and the goings-on that surround you.
  3. Where history begins: With real people in real places, history begins. Express your ideas of time and experience, from ‘small’, personal histories to large-scale events.
  4. Micro-commercials: small companies run by passionate owners.
  5. Portraits: Even in a single minute, the essence of a person or object can be revealingly portrayed.
  6. Privacy: What does privacy mean to you?

8 videos in each category will be nominated for an award. Prize winners will be invited to the awards ceremony hosted by the Ton House Gallery in Cairo Egypt this coming November!


This event will be held from Wednesday, July 27th to Saturday, July 30th. For all 4 days this workshop will run for the entire day. There are 12 spots available for artists to register for this workshop. Registration costs 50 shillings, in order to show commitment, however those artists that register are expected to attend the entire 4 days of this workshop and after completion they will be refunded the registration fee.

During the workshop artists will be trained to use video equipment, will be sent to shoot a video in the Kibera community, and then will come back together to edit the films down to one minute.

In order to sign up please email Ksauter@buildabridge.org

Upcoming and Ongoing Events

11 Jul

Celtra: Children’s Art Classes are being held every Saturday morning

Goldmines: Children’s Music Classes are being held every Saturday

Kreative Generations: July 22nd-24th there will be an event facilitated by this arts group, in Kibera.

Inspiration Center: Sculpture Class happens every Saturday morning. From November 27th to December 2nd children will be going to Mombasa for the annual Diaspora of Hope Arts Camp!

Dandora Arts Group: Wednesday, August 3rd to Saturday, August 6th, Dandora Artists are having an arts camp for the children in their community.

*Arts organizations are encouraged to help one another even during these events, so that we can engage in the community as a unified whole.

Artists Network Meetings Have Changed

11 Jul

Last Thursday artists from 4 different arts groups around Nairobi met together at CTM to begin a new session of networking meetings which will happen on the first and third Thursdays of each month. During this meeting we had artists from Kawangware, Kibera, and Mathare represented from Goldmines Foundation, Inspiration Center, Celtra, and Kreative Generations.

It the upcoming months we will rotate where the meetings will be held as well as which group is in charge of the presentation during the meeting. On the first Thursday of every month the meeting will be held in Kibera at CTM from 4-6pm. On the third Thursday of every month the meetings will be held in Mathare at the Inspiration Center. While those arts organizations who are under partnership with CTM will be the groups responsible to run the meetings, other arts organizations around Nairobi are always welcome to join!





July 7th


July 21st


August 4th


August 18th

Diaspora of Hope Art Camp Kibera!

22 Jun

Afcrobe Media filmed and edited this short video to document the camp!

Goldmines Connect Nao Concert Report!

21 Jun

On the 28th of May, all roads led to Kibera Kamkunji Grounds for the biggest ever charity concert. At 2.00 p.m. there were lots of people, anxiously waiting to see Goldmines Foundation’s artists perform. Once the curtain raiser was on the stage, the crowds couldn’t help it but scream. The numbers in the pitch were unbelievable and no one was going home any time soon. This year’s theme was “Change is a Possibility”, reflecting that positive change amongst the youth is achievable. The concert was hosting prominent Kenyan artists like Pastor Rhymes, M.C. Lonesome, Alice Kamande, Eko Dydda, Holy Dave as well as the Goldmines Foundation’s own artists. Surprisingly, an overwhelming estimate of 5,000 people attended the annual Connect Nao!” – Concert.

In the concert, both the celebrities as well as the artists from Goldmines Foundation participated to follow up the aim of networking, collaboration and performing songs together. The artists from Goldmines Foundation therefore had the chance to connect with their role models and the community which added up to their motivation. Overall 30 music artists from Goldmines Foundation performed on stage. In addition to that, also the theatre and dance club of Goldmines Foundation and other organizations were part of the show.

Art in Mathare

29 May

The Inspiration Center of Mathare is doing great work in the community among the children and youth. Learn more about the initiative and vision of this ministry firsthand through the director of Inspiration, Moses Okonji, and the children of Mathare!

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Goldmines Foundation hosts a concert this Saturday!

23 May
Goldmines Foundation’s music club will be hosting the biggest ever concert in Kibera on
28th, May 2011 from 2 p.m. in Kibera Kamkunji Grounds. This year’s theme will be
“Change is a Possibility” reflecting that positive change amongst the youths is achievable.
The concert will be hosting prominent Kenyan artists like Pastor Rhymes, Juliani, Eco
Dida, Holy Dave and our own GMF artists. Also on board are our special guests,
Johnson Mwakazi – Citizen T.V., Jasel Njau – GBS T.V., Ramsy Noah, Desmond Elliot,
the Nigerian ambassador to Kenya and the list is endless. Companies like Media Kali
and Faith Chapel are already supporting the project. Full coverage of the concert will also be
taken by some of our local T.V. stations.

In the concert, both the celebrities as well as underground artists from Goldmines Foundation
will participate. Our aim is to network the celebrities with the underground GMF artists and
have them collaborate and perform songs together. The underground artist will therefore
have the chance to connect with their role models which will add up to their motivation.